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Inquisitor is a visual Site Ripper/Offline Browser to select and download images shown as thumbnails in a specified destination directory. Also includes a multi connect ftp-client, and the possibility to display captured Sites, and also HTTP scanner.

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    Inquisitor Editor’s Review

    It was hard to write something about this software. Although it has a lot of features, some of them or not functional and the interface was design very complicated. That’s why Inquisitor is very difficult to use. By being hit with such an interface, I jumped to the help files but these files are not well structured and don’t include enough informations to help you go through.

    In first place this application is a download tool for pictures, HTML files, video files that can be found on any webpage. But by just selecting one picture, you must press the left shift button and click the right mouse button on the picture. Unatural way of selecting a file. Another minus of the interface is the use of several panels which make the use even harder. Pay attention that almost every button has two different functions. By pressing it with the left click you get a function and by pressing the right one another one.

    There are four main important parts of this application:

    1 Mail/Client – not available;

    2 HTTP scanner for dangerous HTML or Java code;

    3 FTP client for transfer of files through this protocol;

    4 IRC client – not available;

    IF you wish you can view the HTML source of any webpage or download a whole site. You can save the bookmarks for further offline usage. For the FTP client part, the application includes also a local file manager similar to Norton Commander. This tool is really helpful in searching and managing files. Support also for Linux. Although you decide for a folder to save the download files, I found the files in another folder. Sometimes it shows the connection and traffic but you won’t find any files anywhere.

    Pluses: support for Linux, Local file manager, FTP client;

    Drawbacks / flaws: I couldn’t file the downloaded files in specific folder; although the traffic seems to work, nothing happens;

    In conclusion: Sometimes applications with too many features won’t work.

    version reviewed: 270806

    By SpaceTQ

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